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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life with 28.8k.....

First off, the reason I disappeared at the beginning of July was because some of my relatives (I didn't even know they existed..) died.. So I had to fly half way across the globe (Newark -> Seattle -> Taiwan -> Destination 28 HOURS -_-) Anyway, once a couple of funerals are done I had to stay at a certain place with a DIAL-UP. The only thing I was able to check was Gunota Headlines... I couldn't even connect to Mirc (nor BT..)...Now I have to backtrack 2 months back T_T Right now I'm in the process of moving all these (current) contents to animeblogger.net thanks to Maestro o_ob

Anyway, I was wasted my 2 months with these stuff so I ought to write a little something

First off, I rewatched some of the gundam series ;p like Z Gundam, ZZ, and V Gundam (my friends borrowed the rest T_T) anyway, I don't think the Z Gundam boxset is worth the money.. $200 for 10 Dvds.. ZZ and V boxset comes with 6 DVDs each (low bitrate though) and I only bought it for $70 a boxset...

[ANIME]Z-Gundam - Oh god the dubtitles was killing me, there was a time where I was actually stunned that they change the whole meaning of the conversation (from ecchi to non ecchi -_- what's left?) the animation still looks amazing all these years especially the episode with Four and umm Jerid.. in the snow.. don't wanna give too much away.

[ANIME]ZZ-Gundam - horrible kid shows but if you watched Z Gundam you're gonna have to follow it up with this one anyway.

[ANIME]V-Gundam - Best gundam series ever (IMO) so much deaths, symbolism, but the later episodes with the (overpowered) V2 Gundam might throw someone off their realistic seats..(Remember Macross and as if Z and ZZ doesn't look like a super robot in the last episodes..)

[GAME]Super Robot Taisen Alpha 2 - 4 story lines, Zenger, Kusuha, Arado, Ibis, it was a really fun game and I replayed it so many times. This continues where Alpha Gaiden left off. It has a new group system - 4 units in 1 group. There are a lot of secrets in this game too, like Nightingale(Char), Hi Nu Gundam, and what I liked the most was that they actually brought Crossbone Gundam into the series even though it was never made into an anime(Seabook/Kinkedo can still pilot F-91 though ;). The story has (some.. but not much, but definitely more than other SRWs..) depth too.

[GAME]Super Robot Taisen MX - No group system this time, still fun though, their are only 2 story line for it. If you're a real robot fan you're probably gonna be disappointed cuz all useful ones are super robot.. anyway RahXephon and Raideen combo was nice O_O too bad you only get to use Akito from Nadesico only in the last couple of stages.. Black Serena looks really nice.

[GAME]Sousei No Aquarion - Don't buy it, that was what I was wondering cuz the series didn't even finished its run yet so there are no real endings don't waste your money on this PoS unless you found a b**tleg version somewhere.

[GAME]Gundam One Year War - Confusing camera angles don't buy it.. It's a pretty decent game by Namco and Bandai but I still think Ace Combat 5 is better..

[GAME]Gundam True Odyssey - Since the Gundam One Year War didn't sell as well as Bandai thought I didn't buy this game when I first look at it, but I heard it was sold really well in Japan so I decided to give it a try... I was hooked, 3 man RPG, like your classic Final Fantasy and RPG stuff and u can switch your friends in. You can customized your mobile suits (although I doubt you will dare to do anything to the gundams) There are the 1st Gundam, Z Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Nu Gundam, God Gundam, and Wing Gundam series in this game (I wish there was more but..). There aren't that MANY cutscenes but the gameplay and the story is good enough for me. There are also lot of secret and extras after you finish your first run through too. No you don't have to go back and start at the beginning, you'll start right before you meet the final boss and get something nice (a mobile suit ;o) Although for those ppl who can't read Japanese they should wait for the US version in December. Dang I hope they make a sequel.

[GAME]Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 - The group (or squad) system is back, 4 story lines, all new main characters (accompanied by the main characters from alpha 2) except for Kusuha. They got Kazuma Kaneko to design Dis Astranagun for Quarae too ;p. There's the Super Robot guy (forgot his name) he gets Zengar and some other ppl, there's Kusuha(super but the beginning robots looks like real robots), she gets Brit and Zengar, then there's Serena(real), she gets Ibis and Srray. For Quarae (this damn thing looks like a super robot even though its a real robot) he gets Arado and Seora-san ^.^ There are A LOT of HIDDEN robots and once you finished all the branching paths and 4 story lines you'll get an extra stage with all the original characters (it's in the scenario chart in option). I didn't even get all the robots yet. There are also Extra hard mode and some other mode (which you'll have to complete Extra hard mode to get which I didn't complete yet) in this game too (the enemy gets an upgrade.. all of them o_o;;). Gundam SEED is in this too (too bad Crossbone didn't come back ;[ ). This is the last Super Robot Taisen Alpha series (Banpresto said that they are making only FOUR, SRW Alpha, SRW Alpha Gaiden, SRW Alpha 2, SRW Alpha 3) although I would've like to see Gundam SEED Destiny in this Alpha series.. oh well =[ it's one hell of a game. I love this group system. And I hope they make another SRW Alpha even though there's nothing left to do with the Original story line anymore.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bleach #38

After Chad got pwned by Kyoraku, Nanao chan receives an urgent message from Yama and Hitsugaya that Aizen's dead. Ichigo is running away from Kenpachi, while doing so he can no longer sense Chad's power. Nanao was about to finish Chad off, but Kyoraku stopped her. Ichigo feels that he's still alive. Kenpachi found him, but Ichigo can finally cut Ken-chan after he concentrate and condense his power. Elsewhere, Unohara(4th squad) tells Komamura(7th) and Tousen(9th) that Aizen's dead. Kenpachi explains to Ichigo that he wears bells and an eyepatch so that he can enjoy fighting even more, his zampaktou also has no name and its not sealed. Upon hearing that, Ichigo underestimate him and Kenpachi stabbed his zampaktou through Ichigo's chest, his zampaktou is broken in half. Kenpachi walks away. Zangetsu then appears in front Ichigo.

Half of this episode is about the scenes from the last episode, and Ichigo running and talking to himself like a DBZ movie. I yawned approximately 5 times throughout the course of this episode. Only highlights of this episode was the ED sequence, this time it's about 13th squad and Rukia~

Eyeshield 21 #10

Sakuraba is still sulking over his injuries during the game. Sena finds out that he's hospitalized from the TV news. He decided to paid him a visit, although not as Eyeshield 21, cuz if Sakuraba fan finds out that he was the one who tackled him, Sena would be in trouble. Upon arrival, they mention Sakuraba name and were swarmed by his fans, Sena use his amazing running skillz to get through them in no time. Sena and Monta goes in Sakuraba room only to be interrupted by Oujou's team, rabid fangirls, and idiot TV announcer. When Sena and Monta finally had the chance they are interrupted by the disabled brat they passed earlier. Apparently, the brat's also a Sakuraba fanboy and ask for his autograph. Sakuraba says that he's nothing like an ace or a hero, and he sucks. The brat was losing confidence listening to that and the doctor told him that he won't heal for awhile, therefore he can't do any sports yet. Sena went out to get change and read some cheesy apology to Sakuraba in order to motivate the brat and Sakuraba. They promised each other to try harder and become a real hero.

Well, Monta's recruitment was rather easy. It took a long persuasion from Sena and Hiruma in the manga. The Sena running thing is getting overused more and more,who would ever thought that running through the crowd is a serious heart-bombing, gasp shocking situation in life...

Monday, June 27, 2005

Ah! My Goddess #23

God has decided to send Lind to handle Lord of Terror on earth because it caused Yggdrasil errors, but changed his mind when Belldandy released her seal as a 1st class goddess. Elsewhere, Urd is punishing Marler for her mistakes. Urd tries to force Keiichi to tell her wth Ultimate Destruction Program is but he doesn't really know anything other than the name T_T The urn then tells her that the program that'll initiate the demon world. The urn tells her to destroy 52 buildings in order to use it. Belldandy arrives and pierced Holy Bell's arrow through the urn so Urd would return to her old self. It ended up releasing Fenrir. Belldandy hear Urd's voice that tells her to avoid Fenrir, she got knocked out anyway. Meanwhile, Skuld is on her way to find them, she receives a phone call from god, who sends her a flute to give to Belldandy. It will nullify the program. Belldandy regain consciousness and knock Fenrir out before he was able to eat Keiichi. She tries to get all the negative energy out of Urd but it didn't work. Urd tells her slave, Marler to give her powers to Fenrir, so that he can break the seal. If Marler does so, she'll lose her life, so she didn't as Urd say and got shot down by energy balls -__-;; Urd ended up giving powers to Fenrir instead. Fenrir absorbed too much power, which makes Urd loses consciousness. Urd falls from the rooftop and Keiichi falls too (idiot -_-;). Belldandy saved them but ended up hurting herself. Urd goddess marks return but the Lord of Terror is now in Fenrir. Skuld came to rescue them and gave the flute to Belldandy, she summons Midgard with it and destroy Fenrir, but Lord of Terror seem to have transferred himself into Midgard before Fenrir was destroyed.

I could just see where this is going, and it's probably going to be extra cheesy in the next few episodes or so. It was kinda boring to watch this (no, I haven't read the manga) since it's so predictable. Urd and Belldandy will probably go unpunished for releasing their powers since they took part in destroying "Lord of Terror." Urd gets her power back, Belldandy still have her license, happy ever after and another 26 episodes T_T

Speed Grapher #10

Tsujidou and his men are still tracking Saiga and Kagura. They arrived at the onsen but Saiga already left. Ginza goes to see Shinsen, they made a deal to trade Kagura and Saiga.. Saiga and Kagura goes into an abandoned research facility, they split up to search for some information. Tsujidou squad arrived at the facility, but Suitengu himself will go in. Saiga tells Kagura to run while he takes care of things. Suitengu tries to bribe Saiga into giving him Kagura but he refuses. Suitengu then uses his blood from his (old) wounds and transform them into bullets o_O. He then transform in to an angel with blooded wings. He transform his blood into a being with a sword and try to stab Saiga in the back but Saiga uses his camera to blow a hole through the floor and escaped. That blooded thing stabbed Suitengu instead but he absorbs it. Saiga fell down onto Ginza's car and tells her where Kagura is.

BTW, the op sequence reveals the whole episode, so no element of surprises were present.. Now that Suitengu reveals his power I wonder how could Saiga kill him with his stupid camera powers..

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny #36

Durandal describe the capabilities of Destiny to Shinn, it was built especially for Shinn's ability. Athrun doesn't seem to like the idea. Athrun ask Durandal why was it necessary to attack Archangel. Durandal just simply say that they should've come to our side (so u can use them? pfft). Durandal babbles on about his intentions to make a world without wars and full of happiness. Meanwhile, EAF ships joined with ZAFT forces at Gibraltar port. Rey go to Gilbert's room and have a little chat. Meer overheard Durandal and Rey's conversation about Athrun.. She goes to warm Athrun about it. A security comes knocking on his door (with guns too). He escapes through the window. Athrun beats all of them up (!?) and he asks Meer to come with him. She refuses saying that if she keeps being Lacus it'll be fine.. she started crying by herself in the rain... Athrun escape into Meyrin's room. Meyrin pretends she was taking a shower, apparently Lunamaria walks by so she tells Meyrin to go get dressed. The soldiers left.. Meyrin use her computer and set the hangar's alarm elsewhere while she went to get a car. Talia asks Gilbert what's going on but Gilbert tells her that Athrun suddenly attacked a security guard and hes on the run. Rey notices that Meyrin was driving the getaway car. Rey found Meyrin and Athrun in a mobile suits hangar. A gunfight occurs and Athrun hits Rey's gun, Athrun and Meyrin get into one of the mass produced GOUF ignited. Athrun tells Meyrin that hes going to find Archangel. Shinn and Rey launch in Destiny and Legend, Rey tells Shinn that they are pursuing Athrun Zala.

Gilbert really has a hidden agenda. Without telling anybody wth is going on he tries to have Athrun locked up. Athrun got his moves back from seed and escape in time. This is probably the first time hes being smart after 36 episodes of flying around shooting something. Now this is the 2nd time he defected, if Gilbert's not dead there's no way he can go back. Meer also has a little bit of a change, it appears that she's not fully Gilbert's puppet yet, unlike Rey. Seeing her before the surgery was a surprise, nothing like Lacus except the.... Poor Lunamaria though, Meyrin has taken off with Athrun leaving her with idiots like Shinn and Rey..anyway what a surprise that Shinn was shocked to hear that Athrun was the one they're pursuing.. I thought he would probably be glad.. next episode Athrun fights in GOUF ignited vs. 2 Gundams, use your seed mode!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Eyeshield 21 #9

Sena found someone who's a good catcher. Too bad hes trying out for the baseball team. Hiruma also mention that it should be someone tall.. Sena tried to recruit the monkey catcher but he refuses. The monkey wanted to become a catching hero like Honjo Masaru (a baseball player). Because the glove that he currently owned was given to him by Masaru during a baseball game (b/c one of the strings popped :0). When the monkey went home he saw Sakuraba on TV and noticed that hes really popular w/ the girls eventhough his catching skills sucked. Apparently the monkey aka Kamitari Montaro only made it to the 3rd team for baseball(reserve of the reserve). Sena tries to encourage him by saying that if he keeps trying he'll eventually moved up to the 2nd or the 1st team. Too bad ppl on the 3rd team will never move up in the first place since they really sucked and are destined to give up. Sena try asking Hiruma that if short ppl who only specialized in 1 skill will qualify as a catcher. Sena go to convince Monta that the American football team needs him, just when he was about to leave when Hiruma tested him by passing him the ball, he was able to catch it 1 handed. At night, Monta watches the interview about Honjou Masaru, who said that he was able to do what he does because his team supports him. Monta gave up on baseball and appear at the American football practice in the morning, because the American football team needs someone like him.

This episode we're introduced to Monta the monkey -_- that's about it 1 more team member. They cut out the part where Sena showed off his running skills to the baseball team though. Hmm if I remembered correctly the next members are Kurita junior and the 3 bullies. Btw, testing around with Blogger images. If anything messes up blame them -_-;;;