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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life with 28.8k.....

First off, the reason I disappeared at the beginning of July was because some of my relatives (I didn't even know they existed..) died.. So I had to fly half way across the globe (Newark -> Seattle -> Taiwan -> Destination 28 HOURS -_-) Anyway, once a couple of funerals are done I had to stay at a certain place with a DIAL-UP. The only thing I was able to check was Gunota Headlines... I couldn't even connect to Mirc (nor BT..)...Now I have to backtrack 2 months back T_T Right now I'm in the process of moving all these (current) contents to animeblogger.net thanks to Maestro o_ob

Anyway, I was wasted my 2 months with these stuff so I ought to write a little something

First off, I rewatched some of the gundam series ;p like Z Gundam, ZZ, and V Gundam (my friends borrowed the rest T_T) anyway, I don't think the Z Gundam boxset is worth the money.. $200 for 10 Dvds.. ZZ and V boxset comes with 6 DVDs each (low bitrate though) and I only bought it for $70 a boxset...

[ANIME]Z-Gundam - Oh god the dubtitles was killing me, there was a time where I was actually stunned that they change the whole meaning of the conversation (from ecchi to non ecchi -_- what's left?) the animation still looks amazing all these years especially the episode with Four and umm Jerid.. in the snow.. don't wanna give too much away.

[ANIME]ZZ-Gundam - horrible kid shows but if you watched Z Gundam you're gonna have to follow it up with this one anyway.

[ANIME]V-Gundam - Best gundam series ever (IMO) so much deaths, symbolism, but the later episodes with the (overpowered) V2 Gundam might throw someone off their realistic seats..(Remember Macross and as if Z and ZZ doesn't look like a super robot in the last episodes..)

[GAME]Super Robot Taisen Alpha 2 - 4 story lines, Zenger, Kusuha, Arado, Ibis, it was a really fun game and I replayed it so many times. This continues where Alpha Gaiden left off. It has a new group system - 4 units in 1 group. There are a lot of secrets in this game too, like Nightingale(Char), Hi Nu Gundam, and what I liked the most was that they actually brought Crossbone Gundam into the series even though it was never made into an anime(Seabook/Kinkedo can still pilot F-91 though ;). The story has (some.. but not much, but definitely more than other SRWs..) depth too.

[GAME]Super Robot Taisen MX - No group system this time, still fun though, their are only 2 story line for it. If you're a real robot fan you're probably gonna be disappointed cuz all useful ones are super robot.. anyway RahXephon and Raideen combo was nice O_O too bad you only get to use Akito from Nadesico only in the last couple of stages.. Black Serena looks really nice.

[GAME]Sousei No Aquarion - Don't buy it, that was what I was wondering cuz the series didn't even finished its run yet so there are no real endings don't waste your money on this PoS unless you found a b**tleg version somewhere.

[GAME]Gundam One Year War - Confusing camera angles don't buy it.. It's a pretty decent game by Namco and Bandai but I still think Ace Combat 5 is better..

[GAME]Gundam True Odyssey - Since the Gundam One Year War didn't sell as well as Bandai thought I didn't buy this game when I first look at it, but I heard it was sold really well in Japan so I decided to give it a try... I was hooked, 3 man RPG, like your classic Final Fantasy and RPG stuff and u can switch your friends in. You can customized your mobile suits (although I doubt you will dare to do anything to the gundams) There are the 1st Gundam, Z Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Nu Gundam, God Gundam, and Wing Gundam series in this game (I wish there was more but..). There aren't that MANY cutscenes but the gameplay and the story is good enough for me. There are also lot of secret and extras after you finish your first run through too. No you don't have to go back and start at the beginning, you'll start right before you meet the final boss and get something nice (a mobile suit ;o) Although for those ppl who can't read Japanese they should wait for the US version in December. Dang I hope they make a sequel.

[GAME]Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 - The group (or squad) system is back, 4 story lines, all new main characters (accompanied by the main characters from alpha 2) except for Kusuha. They got Kazuma Kaneko to design Dis Astranagun for Quarae too ;p. There's the Super Robot guy (forgot his name) he gets Zengar and some other ppl, there's Kusuha(super but the beginning robots looks like real robots), she gets Brit and Zengar, then there's Serena(real), she gets Ibis and Srray. For Quarae (this damn thing looks like a super robot even though its a real robot) he gets Arado and Seora-san ^.^ There are A LOT of HIDDEN robots and once you finished all the branching paths and 4 story lines you'll get an extra stage with all the original characters (it's in the scenario chart in option). I didn't even get all the robots yet. There are also Extra hard mode and some other mode (which you'll have to complete Extra hard mode to get which I didn't complete yet) in this game too (the enemy gets an upgrade.. all of them o_o;;). Gundam SEED is in this too (too bad Crossbone didn't come back ;[ ). This is the last Super Robot Taisen Alpha series (Banpresto said that they are making only FOUR, SRW Alpha, SRW Alpha Gaiden, SRW Alpha 2, SRW Alpha 3) although I would've like to see Gundam SEED Destiny in this Alpha series.. oh well =[ it's one hell of a game. I love this group system. And I hope they make another SRW Alpha even though there's nothing left to do with the Original story line anymore.