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Monday, June 27, 2005

Speed Grapher #10

Tsujidou and his men are still tracking Saiga and Kagura. They arrived at the onsen but Saiga already left. Ginza goes to see Shinsen, they made a deal to trade Kagura and Saiga.. Saiga and Kagura goes into an abandoned research facility, they split up to search for some information. Tsujidou squad arrived at the facility, but Suitengu himself will go in. Saiga tells Kagura to run while he takes care of things. Suitengu tries to bribe Saiga into giving him Kagura but he refuses. Suitengu then uses his blood from his (old) wounds and transform them into bullets o_O. He then transform in to an angel with blooded wings. He transform his blood into a being with a sword and try to stab Saiga in the back but Saiga uses his camera to blow a hole through the floor and escaped. That blooded thing stabbed Suitengu instead but he absorbs it. Saiga fell down onto Ginza's car and tells her where Kagura is.

BTW, the op sequence reveals the whole episode, so no element of surprises were present.. Now that Suitengu reveals his power I wonder how could Saiga kill him with his stupid camera powers..


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