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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sousei No Aquarion #9

Due to mysterious cases of kids who goes into a coma after they dream, Gen Fudo decided to use the "sleeping" training. Apollo farted at the beginning of the exercise and cause a pillow fight(lol). Once they all go to sleep, Pierre dreamed about his harem, Tsugumi dreamed about fixing a car and a jungle(?), Jun dreamed about having a tea with his neko-robot(?). Apollo sees the beast in a form of a woman named Titania but he was able to smell her and realize she's the enemy. Only 5 of the pilots were able to wake up from their dreams, but Rena didn't see any dream. Apollo, Pierre, and Chloe goes to sleep in the aquarions. When Apollo enters the dream world, Chloe and Pierre were already captured,Titania turn Sirius against Apollo. He can't hurt Sirius in the dream world, because Sirius in the real world would get hurt too. Apollo calls out his vector machine and tell Chloe and Pierre to do the same. They were able to transport their vector to their dreams. They gattai as Solar Aquarion, mugen punch doesn't work. They are captured by Titania tentacle and the Aquarion armor is melting. Sirius said something about the moon in the real world, Silvia knock herself out(lol) and switch with Chloe. They gattai into Luna Aquarion. She breaks the dream world apart and destroyed Titania. Everybody who were lost in the dream returned.

Can Chloe be useful for once? -_-; a pretty funny episode. What a cheesy monster of the week show ;p . I want to see Rena start doing something. When will Gen Fudo's "naked" show up anyway. Me wants to see..


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