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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny #35

After the destruction of Freedom, the Archangel went undersea. Cagalli went out to get Freedom's cockpit and save Kira. Back in the Minerva's hangar, Shinn taunts Atrhun, so he got punched (FINALLY). The Durandal announcement cause a chaos for those who were with Logos (and probably some who has nothing to do with them). Most of them are killed by mobs but Dijibril escaped. Back in the Archangel, Kira is treated. Murrue visits him, and Neo asks her who was Mwu La Flaga. She tells him that he was an irreplacable comrade, but hes gone. Durandal calls Shin and Athrun and show them their new mobile suits. Legend Gundam and Destiny.

I think Gilbert Durandal is and will be the bad guy here. Shinn is also turning to the dark side. Athrun is also going to defect next week. Obviously, someone's going to help him escape. My guess is that its Lunamaria.


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