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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Eyeshield 21 #9

Sena found someone who's a good catcher. Too bad hes trying out for the baseball team. Hiruma also mention that it should be someone tall.. Sena tried to recruit the monkey catcher but he refuses. The monkey wanted to become a catching hero like Honjo Masaru (a baseball player). Because the glove that he currently owned was given to him by Masaru during a baseball game (b/c one of the strings popped :0). When the monkey went home he saw Sakuraba on TV and noticed that hes really popular w/ the girls eventhough his catching skills sucked. Apparently the monkey aka Kamitari Montaro only made it to the 3rd team for baseball(reserve of the reserve). Sena tries to encourage him by saying that if he keeps trying he'll eventually moved up to the 2nd or the 1st team. Too bad ppl on the 3rd team will never move up in the first place since they really sucked and are destined to give up. Sena try asking Hiruma that if short ppl who only specialized in 1 skill will qualify as a catcher. Sena go to convince Monta that the American football team needs him, just when he was about to leave when Hiruma tested him by passing him the ball, he was able to catch it 1 handed. At night, Monta watches the interview about Honjou Masaru, who said that he was able to do what he does because his team supports him. Monta gave up on baseball and appear at the American football practice in the morning, because the American football team needs someone like him.

This episode we're introduced to Monta the monkey -_- that's about it 1 more team member. They cut out the part where Sena showed off his running skills to the baseball team though. Hmm if I remembered correctly the next members are Kurita junior and the 3 bullies. Btw, testing around with Blogger images. If anything messes up blame them -_-;;;


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