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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Eyeshield 21 #8

Continuation from the last episode, Sena keeps getting raped by Shin's spear tackle. During the last 4 minutes Sena finally outrun Shin with a speed of light. Demon Bats still lose 68-12... Shin tells Sena that Oujou will be the one in the Christmas Bowl. Life is back to normal again at school, Sena thought it was all over, that 2 weeks of football. Hiruma reminded him that it's just the beginning and there's more tournaments in the fall. On his way out of school he found some equipment Hiruma left on the field. He starts practicing, Kurita joins him.

"Like the manga" no surprises here. I guess we'll meet the Lizard tongue dude and a receiver next episode (forgot their name). I want more Mamori in the anime though, her role seems somewhat diminished..


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