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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Eyeshield 21 #10

Sakuraba is still sulking over his injuries during the game. Sena finds out that he's hospitalized from the TV news. He decided to paid him a visit, although not as Eyeshield 21, cuz if Sakuraba fan finds out that he was the one who tackled him, Sena would be in trouble. Upon arrival, they mention Sakuraba name and were swarmed by his fans, Sena use his amazing running skillz to get through them in no time. Sena and Monta goes in Sakuraba room only to be interrupted by Oujou's team, rabid fangirls, and idiot TV announcer. When Sena and Monta finally had the chance they are interrupted by the disabled brat they passed earlier. Apparently, the brat's also a Sakuraba fanboy and ask for his autograph. Sakuraba says that he's nothing like an ace or a hero, and he sucks. The brat was losing confidence listening to that and the doctor told him that he won't heal for awhile, therefore he can't do any sports yet. Sena went out to get change and read some cheesy apology to Sakuraba in order to motivate the brat and Sakuraba. They promised each other to try harder and become a real hero.

Well, Monta's recruitment was rather easy. It took a long persuasion from Sena and Hiruma in the manga. The Sena running thing is getting overused more and more,who would ever thought that running through the crowd is a serious heart-bombing, gasp shocking situation in life...


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