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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sousei No Aquarion #4

During the night, Gen Fudo wrote the kanji for "naked" (at the beginning of the episode(?) Jun Li is having fun on the internet getting a costume for his MonoMono and Pierre is practicing his soccer skills. Here we are treated w/ Apollo's past w/ Baron.. while Apollo just got out of the lake (in the middle of winter..) he looks really hot (literally), so Baron named him Apollo =] Now we get to see more of the bad guys other than Toma. At school, Commander Fudo is conducting a "barefoot" check. Where he analyze them through their feet. He comments that Pierre have nice legs (because he used to be MF :O), but his balance is bad in contrast. Apollo tries to take a bite out of Fudo's leg but looks like it didn't hurt. After the training, Silvia tries to do some "footprint reading"of her own. During the second half, Pierre, Apollo, and Silvia launch and they combined as Aquarion Mars w/ Pierre as the head. Too bad for Pierre, his Phoenix kick didn't work against the Kelbim soldier this time. He loses his balance and falls. Silvia, who controls the feet also managed to suck. The Kelbim soldier is using Gravity Canceling so Aquarion Mars is at a disadvantage because the legs are very long plus a tall body. They had to combine as Solar Aquarion, because it has the lowest center of gravity. We get another orgasmic gattai sequence here. Now we have a sad looking Solar Aquarion on 2 hands and legs. They use "barefoot" strategy in the cockpit and managed to stand on 2 feet by standing on the summit of the planet and defeat the Kelbim soldier.

Is the lesson of this episode is to walk like a baby and defeat your enemies?...The weird thing is, Rena sees Fudo as a pillar of light, connection to heaven and earth while the other pilots are normal looking geometric shapes. What's up w/ Fudo writing "naked" at the beginning. We also get to see Apollo naked, and Baron's blushing... On the other hand, the music in this episode sounds kind of different than before, very Arjuna-ish.

Sorry, blogspot was being a pain in the afternoon,I tried to republish but it wouldn't let me ; (

Friday, April 29, 2005

Futakoi Alternative #3

2 years ago, Sara and Souju came knocking on Rentarou's door, request a jobs from him.. They were crying and he embraced both of them by the riverside...

and now they're both sleeping by his side O_Ob
2 junior high students he embraced 2 years ago are now 2 high school students, sleeping right next to him. Apparently one of their legs "moved", so it gave him a mega nosebleed and a big scream, which woke up the twins. Sara, who was not really delighted with the noise so she beat him up. Later, Rentarou is talking to Momoi Mai, who has a job for him. She works at Futagotamagawa's private school, as a doctor and a counselor. His job is to spy Momoi Ai.

3 years ago, when Rentarou was in high school. Mai and Ai were new teachers. Unfortunately, he ends up in a police station w/ Hariyama (the crazy cop from the 1st ep) because a stalker-like person has been spotted in shibuya. So, Sara and Souju has the resume the investigation by themselves. Apparently, Ai ended up at Rentarou's door asking him to take a job. --3 years back, a story about "Emerald Mountain"(the name of a canned coffee @ the vending machine), unfortunately the it's sold out. Ai, Mai, and Rentarou seems to be enjoying themselves there-- That job that Ai has for Rentarou is to search for her lost cell phone w/ her. They decided to go get some Emerald Mountain but it was sold out again, just like back then. Back to Sara and Souju, looks like Mai found out that they were stalking them (so obvious..). At a park, Mai comments that eventhough Souju and Sara are twins, their personalities are different, just like Ai and Mai. Eventhough they are different, they get along well, one thing they had in common was Rentarou. Mai started crying, telling Sara&Souju not to end up like them. Then there's rather a weird dream sequence of Mai&Ai, and Rentarou seeing the real Emerald Mountain literally and flying(?). After that, looks like Rentarou&Ai are at school, Ai wrote something on the blackboard and they both went to the roof. She says that a lot of things have changed from back then, cellphone, the fight with Mai.. She said something to Rentarou but we didn't hear it... In the end, they didn't find Ai's phone. Rentarou calls and leave a message anyway - whenever it's good, call him, he'll be waiting.. The next day, it seems that Ai left the town.. Rentarou goes back to his office, but Sara and Souju aren't back yet, so he went out looking for them. After he found them on the riverside, they had told him that Mai san stopped being a teacher, and that Mai is sorry for lying. He embraced them :'(

Morning came again, he thought of when Ai had asked him to kiss her while they were on the roof. But, they were no longer who they were back then... and what Mai wrote on the blackboard was "sayonara"...Yea, that woke Sara up and she beats him again.

I thought this episode was pretty subtle and sad for Futakoi Alternative (and I thought this show was comedy)... I'm thinking that this episode is trying to tell us that Rentarou is trying not to make the same mistakes he did for Ai and Mai to Sara and Souju. It seems like Futakoi Alternative is not all action and fun either. I like it this way though =) Wow that was a long summary I just wrote..

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Eureka 7 #2

Renton thought about when he visited his dad's grave and what his sister said. Do it on your own and you'll succeed. He was able to sky boarding into the sky and managed to do a "cuto back drop turn". Eureka saves him from falling, and when he lands in the cocpit the enemies LFO somehow stopped attacking them... Renton has managed to say some of the cheesiest line ever after he lands in the cockpit and put the Amita Drive in. Suddenly, Eureka went unconscious and apparently they started firing missiles at Nirvash again. The scene then cut to the post-battle time, with the destroyed military LFOs on the ground. Holland explained that it was because the awakening program inside the Nirvash release its power, but Eureka disagree, saying it was Renton's power. After that they hid the Nirvash with what was left of Renton's place. Holland and Gramps had a little chat about the past, although we don't really know what they're talking about. It also seems that Holland was once a student of Renton's dad. The military ship will now move to Belforest because detect an unidentified ship (Gekko State..). Now the story is back to where Nirvash is being shot at, looks like the Amita Drive activated the "Seven Swell". Nirvash went into a berserker mode and destroyed every military LFO in the area. After that the episode ends with Eureka asking Renton to go with them, of course hes going to go, can't turn down a girl like that =]

This episode pacing kind of reminds me when I watched Evangelion episode 2 a long time ago. Especially the berserker thing and Shinji's decisions to become a pilot. But instead of Shinji, we get a lil brat who don't complain as much. Also, is Eureka a robot? She acts like one.

Bleach #29

Ishida finally pwned Jiroubou, eventhough he was gonna let him go at first.. but Jiroubou was a coward and he was going to take Inoue san w/ him. After the fight, Orihime's hear voices of Tatsuki telling her not to give up. Ichigo and Ganju meet up but many shinigamis belonged to the 11th squad were following them. Apparently, when they were surrounded, they took the wrong hostage.. Hanatarou, he belongs to the 4th squad that deals w/ healing and supplies (weakest squad). Of course, the 11th squad that belonged to Kenpachi didn't care and go for a kill anyway. Chad break through the wall, which gives Ichigo and Ganju a chance to escape along w/ Hanatarou. Chad had to finish what Ichigo and Ganju started and now all of them are still scattered around the Soul Society. Ichigo and Ganju tries to make plans, but failed, Hanatarou offers to help them find Rukia. Unfortunately for Ikkaku, Mayuri tries to interrogate him by force, but Kenpachi arrived in the nick of time to save him and ask questions about how strong Ichigo is. He went off to find Ichigo, along w/ Yachiru.

Well, there weren't a lot of animation in this ep, I guess all the animators went to work on Naruto.. well I guess, Kenpachi vs. Ichigo will come up in a few weeks and will continue for a few eps.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Futakoi Alternative #2

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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With the roof of the office destroyed, and no income whatsoever. They continued on with their daily lives, sleeping, taking free jobs. Everyone in town usually calls Rentarou - "Nidaime" (2nd) - referring to his dad who saved the city from an alien squid(yes an alien squid vs. afro man). Sara&Souju and Rentarou just stay in the office sun bathing and Sara&Souju would be arguing about who's doing what, and which one should cook (Sara has bad cooking skills, so it is Souju's job~). They waited for the client who did not show up on time all day. During that time, they all think about what they did and what had happened in the past. Sara&Souju coming to stay w/ him 2 years ago. How his dad changed him and tought him how to be a man. After Rentarou woke up he believed that he saw a UFO. Sara&Soujo&Rentarou went outside together to go see it.

I guess this episode is suppose to be one of those normal days for them where nothing weird happens. We also get to see bits and pieces of Rentarou's past (Giant Squid???). We also know that his dad made him a man by defeating that squid and all. If only Rentarou has an afro like him.